New Blu-ray And DVD Releases For December 11th, 2012

by Paul on December 10, 2012

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Another week, and more movies to watch! As we slowly march toward Christmas, the new releases are starting to decrease, but we still have some exciting film that are now available.

  • Following (1998): Before Inception (2012), or his now incredibly famous Batman Trilogy (2005-2012), director Christopher Nolan made some extremely fascinating and incredibly thought provoking movies. His first full length film was this rarely seen movie, filmed in 16 mm on a small budget of less than $6,000. The story centers on a young manFollowing (1998) who starts following people around the streets of London, looking for inspiration for his writing. He becomes entangled in the lives of those he follows, and no longer is interested in his writing. It is an extremely interesting film that shows early on how much talent Nolan already possessed. In addition to directing, Nolan also wrote , did the cinematography, co-edited and co-produced this amazing independent feature film. This is an addition to the Criterion Collection, and includes a newly restored digital transfer, full length audio commentary by Christopher Nolan, an interview with Nolan and one of his early short films starring the lead actor from Following, Jeremy Theobald.
  • The Bourne Legacy (2012): Matt Damon is out, and Hollywood’s favorite new “Golden Boy”, Jeremy Renner, is in for the fourth exciting, action packed “Bourne” film. Two time Academy Award nominee Renner doesn’t replaceThe Bourne Legacy (2012) Matt Damon in this series, but rather plays a new character dealing with many of the same government characters as Damon. It fact, this film takes place simultaneously with the first Bourne films, and there are several references to Jason Bourne and his situation. This installment didn’t receive the same praise and financial success as the first three films, but Renner, with his charismatic attitude, doesn’t disappoint as an action star who keeps the franchise powering through. Now the only questions that remain are whether or not Renner has time to continue being in Avenger movies, Hawkeye movies, Mission Impossible movies, as well as this series of films? And can we get Damon to come back and team up with Renner for the fifth Bourne film? The Bourne Legacy also stars Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton.
  • The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection (1920-1937): If you happen to be a Buster Keaton fan (or if you’reThe Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection looking for a really expensive Christmas gift for one) you have come to the right place. To call it the “Ultimate” collection is the perfect wording because this collection includes everything that Kino Lorber has previously released of Keaton’s, and also includes his newly restored 1927 film College, for the first time on blu-ray! In total, this collection includes¬†The Saphead (1920), Our Hospitality (1923), Three Ages (1923), Sherlock Jr. (1926), The Navigator (1924), Seven Chances (1925), Go West (1925), Battling Butler (1926), The General (1927), College (1927), Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928), and more than 30 of his finest short films. It is a wonderful collection and a welcomed edition to any Buster Keaton fan’s collection.
  • Ted (2012): If you’re looking for a R rated comedy for the weekend, look no further. The story of a man (Mark Wahlberg) and his lifelong friend,¬†Ted (2012)Ted, might not seem original until you factor in that Ted is a teddy bear that was wished to life many years ago. Now as adults, how can a man’s childhood bear fit into his adult life? Simply, he just has to be as crass as all of the other adults in the film. Somehow Ted has managed some decent reviews, so perhaps I’m judging the film to harshly. Perhaps someday I will be able to have time to see it myself…then again, maybe not! This is the directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane and was a huge financial success last summer. It co-stars Mila Kunas and the voice talent of MacFarlane as Ted.
  • The Qatsi Trilogy (1983-2002): Another release this week from the Criterion Collection, The Qatsi Trilogy is notKoyaanisqatsi so much a movie as a movie experience. These three films (Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqatsi) are visually stunning and musically perfect films that have been acclaimed for their stunning brilliance. Just don’t seek these films out for anything other than what they claim to be: “A visual and auditory look at the Earth”. This trilogy also serves as the highlight in composer Phillip Glass career, since there is no spoken dialogue and his music is the main character for the audience.Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012):If you can’t get enough of these prehistoric films, apparently neither can anyone else. This is the fourth feature in the “Ice Age” series, and after it’s success there is sure to be even more. All of our favorite voice talents are back, including Ray Ramono, Dennis Leary, John Leguizamo, Queen Latifah, as well as the addition of Jennifer Lopez.
  • Dick Tracy (1990): Making it’s first appearance on blu-ray, Dick Tracy with all it’s bright colors and outlandish actingDick Tracy (1990) performances is actually a pretty decent comic book adaptation. Warren Beatty stars and directs this adventure/comedic film that also stars Madonna, Glenne Headly, Charles Durning, Dick Van Dyke, Dustin Hoffman, James Caan, and in an Academy Award nominated performance, Al Pacino. I can’t wait to see all these colors on blu-ray; it’s going to be great!

That’s it for this week. Happy movie watching to all.

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