Christmas In Connecticut (1945)

by Paul on November 23, 2012

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Why is Christmas In Connecticut (1945) the perfect movie to kickoff the Christmas season? Because among other things, if you watch this hilarious movie now, you can easily get to it again before the Christmas season is over!Christmas In Connecticut (1945)

Alexander Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet) is a wealthy publishing magnate. One of his most popular writers is Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck). She is a wife and mother living on a farm in Connecticut, and her articles help teach housewives all over the country how to take care of their home and family, especially when it comes to the cooking. The problem is that unbeknownst to Mr. Yardley, Elizabeth Lane isn’t who she claims to be. She isn’t married, doesn’t have a child, doesn’t live on a farm and most importantly…she can’t cook…at all!

Mr. Yardley has received word from a nurse that an American survivor of a U-boat attack is recovering in a hospital, and having never had a real home, the nurse is wondering if there is anything Yardley can do for him this Christmas. Yardley asks (or Christmas In Connecticut (1945)rather tells) Elizabeth to have Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan) over to her farm for the Christmas weekend. Yardley also manages to invite himself to her farm.

Forced with the prospect of losing her job if her secret is discovered, Elizabeth plans to marry her longtime admirer, John Sloan (Reginald Gardiner), who just happens to have a farm in Connecticut that they can use. Elizabeth also brings along her good friend Felix (S.Z. Sakall), who is the wonderful chef that has provided her the recipes for all of her articles. Now with everything in place, Elizabeth is prepared to appear the loving wife, mother and accomplished cook, but what she never expected was for Jones to come in and sweep her off her feet!Christmas In Connecticut (1945)

I’ve never felt so much like a commercial before, but the truth of the matter is I am trying to sell you on this wonderfully delightful film. Christmas In Connecticut is a marvelously entertaining movie that is full of screwball comedy. The laughs are endless, and these loveable characters have made this film one of my holiday favorites.

Barbara Stanwyck is charming in a role that she breezes through, winning the audiences hearts with very little effort. She is adorable in a role where she isn’t strong and confident, but rather is looking for someone to take care of her. You will never be able to eat pancakes again without thinking about her.

Somehow her equal, Sydney Greenstreet, gives the most relaxed and joyful performance in his career. The script, written by Lionel Houser and Adele Comandini, plays to his strengths, and by the end Greenstreet Christmas In Connecticut (1945)looks like a large teddy bear waiting for a hug. S.Z. Sakall is also wonderful and the exchanges that he shares with Greenstreet are the highlights of this amazing script.

It is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, as well as being highly enjoyable, fun filled entertainment for the whole family. It’s definitely a great way to get into the spirit of the season, and in another month… it will be too late!

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